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Hybla act 1 Review

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

review from Conor Fynes (Prog Archives)

Staying in check with the typical album-length ‘suite,’ which Randone first explored in ‘Nuvole Di Ieri,’ ‘Hybla’ takes a massive amount of different musical ideas, and throws them all together into a piece of music that ends up being much more cohesive and memorable than one might expect. Without a doubt the highlight of Randone’s… Continua a leggere

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

review from Tarcisio Moura

I was quite caught by surprise by this opera rock. Usually I don´t like concept albums that much. They tend to concentrade too much on the words and the musici usually suffers in the process. Although Hybla Act 1 is not completely free from this problem, the musical flow of the work is simply excellent.… Continua a leggere

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

Vitaly Menshikov, Progressor

...A work of the highest progressive standards, "Hybla Act I" is a brilliant thing, pure magic, from beginning to end strongly keeping the listener's attention, inviting him to have many happy returns to it. Top-20-2005. Having made four excellent albums during the last four years, each of the following ones being better than its predecessor, Randone proves to be one of the most fruitful and creatively successful Art-Rock bands on the contemporary progressive scene Continua a leggere

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

Peppe Di Spirito, Arlequins

[...] La storia di questa terra è narrata musicalmente in questo cd, con una fluidità che colpisce immediatamente. Strutturato come una lunga suite, “Hybla atto I” contiene 25 tracce che si susseguono praticamente senza soluzione di continuità e dalle quali emergono talento, ispirazione ed una contaminazione che permette di far avvicinare il più classico progressive italiano, con il pop, il folclore siciliano e le atmosfere classiche da opera rock Continua a leggere

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

Luca Alberici, Tales of wonder

[...] The album features 25 short tracks, each one different from the each others. I think you should free your mind from any strict definition of italian progressive rock 'cause this album is much more. This is the most ambitious of the three Randone's works and absolutely recommended. Continua a leggere

Hybla act 1 Review/Randone

Raymond Serini, Harmonie

[...] Tout Hybla est empreint d’une force créatrice peu commune avec un maximum de temps forts et des changements d’univers constants qui semblent tout naturels. Mais dans toute œuvre artistique, ce qui semble couler de source est toujours marqué du sceau d’un travail de fond impressionnant. Cet opéra baroque mérite que l’on parle de lui et pas seulement dans les sphères prog. Il est tout simplement superbe et à ce jour leur meilleur opus.Lors de notre article présentant Ricordo (Harmonie n° 53), nous pressentions que la marge de manœuvre et de progression du groupe Randone était encore très grande. Hybla est la preuve limpide et incontestable de cette prédiction Continua a leggere

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