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Morte di un amore Review

Morte di un amore Review/Randone

review from Conor Fynes (Prog Archives)

Beginning his career under his full name, this album is understandably more centered around the talents of multi-instrumentalist Nicola Randone than on latter, more group-oriented releases. While very clearly being influenced by older Italian progressive groups and the likes of space-rock era Pink Floyd, Randone makes an impressive first effort with ‘Morte Di Un Amore,’… Continua a leggere

review from ProgArchives by MartyMcFly

Debut of will-be multi-instrumentalist (check later albums) Nicola Randone, album that’s on borderline of Prog and Rock (but it’s Prog nevertheless) with distinct and very emotional Italian vocals. Pompous (or grandiose if you want, but not meant in a bad, arrogant way). For example second track has reggae elements, but because I never heard Italian… Continua a leggere

Morte di un amore Review

psarros From

Being motivated by a recent topic on progarchives,I decided to go back in time and re-listen NICOLA RANDONE’s debut,originally pressed in 2002.I remember voting for his second album as his best one,but after re-listening to ”Morte di un amore” I admit that it was very hard for me to find a weak point on it!… Continua a leggere

Fred Trafton from GEPR

Morte di un Amore is an album that straddles the fences between movie music, progressive rock and adult pop. It is very slickly recorded with a real "big studio" sheen, emotional vocals (in Italian) and flirtations with lots of styles including reggae, ambient, night club entertainment (think ’70’s Tom Jones or maybe Neil Diamond), and… Continua a leggere

Luis Nasser Editor of Prog4You

Its no secret that Italian bands tend to have a special little extra artistry and musicianship that I just love in the context of prog, and I don’t mean only the classics like PFM, Le Orme or the absolute masters, known for short as BANCO. Check out the latest output by DFA, Deus Ex Machina… Continua a leggere

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